Michael J. Sterling


Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction (OSJ) Manager and President/CEO of Banyan, Rock and Talent:

Michael Sterling is a producing OSJ and registered representative of FSC Securities Corporation. Michael is responsible for compliance and oversight responsibilities of the wealth strategist and financial advisors. Starting a Banyan, Rock and Talent in 1992, Michael became the firm’s President/CEO in May 2002. Michael believes staying true to the principles of diversification, investing wisely and doing what is in the best interest of our client’s sets the tone for the Banyan Rock and Talent culture. Being a producing OSJ, Michael knows first-hand the challenges of those Financial Advisors looking to grow their business as well as the needs of those advisors looking to put together Succession Planning. When not at the office Michael, enjoys spending time outdoors, traveling and visiting with friends and family. Michael lives in Raleigh, NC with his wife Becky and their two children, JD and Ella.

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